Robotdalen Innovation Award 2017

The competition is now closed and the winners will be announced in the beginning of 2017.

The internationally oriented Robotdalen Innovation Award is directed at entrepreneurs, innovators, start-ups as well as graduate and postgraduate students from all over the world who have ideas, concepts or solutions with commercial potential and breakthrough technology, addressing the following fields of robotics and automation:

   • Industrial robotics and automation – especially solutions for small- and medium sized companies

   • Service robotics (B2B)

   • Health robotics – Technologies for an independent life

Robotdalen’s principal role lies in being an accelerator of development and enabling commercial success. Thus the competition has increased its focus on the innovative aspect. To bolster this aspect, extra points will be awarded to contestants who have considered how to commercialize their ideas and how the resulting products can create new user benefits in society or in industry.

Maximum three winners share SEK 300,000 (approximately 33,000 Euro). Each winner will receive SEK 100,000 (approx. 11,000 Euro) where SEK 40,000 is prize money and SEK 60,000 is offered to be used to develop the concept in cooperation with Robotdalen.

Applications should be submitted no later than November 1, 2016 and will be evaluated by an external jury with extensive commercial competence.

The winners will be invited to Västerås, Sweden, for two days in February 2017 (dates TBD) for a prize ceremony as well as development workshops together with Robotdalen.

The first Robotdalen Innovation Award was awarded in 2012 (between 2007-2011 it was the Robotdalen Scientific Award). Previous prize winners include Bioservo Technologies, Inerventions, Tinkerbots, Furhat Robotics,, Odico Formwork Robotics and CRG.