Robotdalen Innovation Award

The internationally oriented Robotdalen Innovation Award is directed at entrepreneurs, innovators, start-ups as well as graduate and postgraduate students from all over the world who have ideas, concepts or solutions with commercial potential and breakthrough technology, addressing certain fields of robotics and automation.

The Somnox sleep support robot, created by a Dutch team, was appointed winner of the Robotdalen Innovation Award 2017, at a prize ceremony held in Västerås, Sweden on February 6th. The Danish start-up company Berger Neurorobtics received the special prize Emerging Technologies Award.

The first Robotdalen Innovation Award was awarded in 2012 (between 2007-2011 it was the Robotdalen Scientific Award). Previous prize winners include Bioservo Technologies, Inerventions, Tinkerbots, Furhat Robotics,, Odico Formwork Robotics and CRG.

Robotdalen Innovation Award is organized every two years. The competition for Robotdalen Innovation Award 2019 will be launched in 2018. Keep your eyes open!